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  • Gallardo-Gomez, M., Moran, S., Paez de la Cadena, M., Soledad Martinez-Zorzano, V., Javier Rodriguez-Berrocal, F., Rodríguez Girondo, M. et al. (2018). A new approach to epigenome-wide discovery of non-invasive methylation biomarkers for colorectal cancer screening in circulating cell-free DNA using pooled samples o. Clinical Epigenetics, 10(53). [More]
  • Iglesias-Escudero, M., Antonio Moro-Garcia, M., Marcos-Fernandez, R., Garcia-Torre, A., Elena Alvarez-Arguelles, M., Luisa Suarez-Fernandez, M. et al. (2018). Levels of anti-CMV antibodies are modulated by the frequency and intensity of virus reactivations in kidney transplant patients. Plos One, 13(4 e0194789). [More]
  • Mayordomo-Colunga, J., Rey, C., Medina, A., Martínez Camblor, P., Vivanco-Allende, A. & Concha, A. (2018). Helmet Versus Nasal-Prong CPAP in Infants With Acute Bronchiolitis. Respiratory Care, 63(4), 455-463. [More]
  • Rodríguez Girondo, M., Deelen, J., Slagboom, E. P. & Houwing-Duistermaat, J. J. (2018). Survival analysis with delayed entry in selected families with application to human longevity. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 27(3), 933-954. [More]
  • Rodríguez Álvarez, M. X., Roca Pardiñas, J., Cadarso-Suarez, C. & Tahoces, P. G. (2018). Bootstrap-based procedures for inference in nonparametric receiver-operating characteristic curve regression analysis. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 27(3), 740-764. [More]
  • Guerra, B., Haile, S. R., Lamprecht, B., Ramirez, A. S., Martínez Camblor, P. & Àl..,. (2018). Large-scale external validation and comparison of prognostic models: an application to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. BMC Medicine, 16(33). [More]
  • Martínez Camblor, P. & Pardo Fernández, J. C. (2018). Smooth time-dependent receiver operating characteristic curve estimators. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 27(3), 651-674. [More]
  • Jiménez Gamero, M. D., Moreno-Rebollo, J. & Mayor-Gallego, J. (2018). On the estimation of the characteristic function in finite populations with applications. Test, 27(1), 95-121. [More]
  • de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Mandel, M. (2018). Nonparametric Estimation of Transition Probabilities for a General Progressive Multi-State Model Under CrossSectional Sampling. Biometrics, Web. [More]
  • Rodríguez Álvarez, M. X., Boer, M., van Eeuwijk, F. & Eilers, P. (2018). Correcting for spatial heterogeneity in plant breeding experiments with P-splines. Spatial Statistics, 23, 52-71. [More]
  • Tissier, R., Houwing-Duistermaat, J. & Rodríguez Girondo, M. (2018). Improving stability of prediction models based on correlated omics data by using network approaches. Plos One, 13(2), e0192853. [More]
  • Balboa Barreiro, V. & de Uña-Álvarez, J. (2018). Estimation of Transition Probabilities for the Illness-Death Model: Package TP.idm. Journal of Statistical Software, 83(10), 1-19. [More] [Digital version]
  • Moreira, C., de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Braekers, R. (2018). Nonparametric estimation of a distribution function from doubly truncated data under dependence. arXiv:1802.08579v1, . [More] [Digital version]
  • Fernández, S., Cotos Yáñez, T. R., Roca Pardiñas, J. & Ordóñez, C. (2018). Geographically Weighted Principal Components Analysis to assess diffuse pollution sources of soil heavy metal: Application to rough mountain areas in Northwest Spain.. Geoderma, 311, 120-129. [More]
  • Liang, H.-Y. & Ould Saïd, E. (2018). A weighted estimator of conditional hazard rate with left-truncated and dependent data. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 70(1), 155-189. [More]
  • Ordóñez, C., Oviedo de la Fuente, M., Roca Pardiñas, J. & Rodríguez-Pérez, J. (2018). Determining optimum wavelengths for leaf water content estimation from reflectance: A distance correlation approach. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 173, 41-50. [More]
  • Saavedra Nieves, A., García Jurado, I. & Fiestras Janeiro, M. G. (2018). On coalition formation in a non-convex multi-agent inventory problem. Annals of Operations Research, 261(1-2), 255-273. [More]
  • Moghadasi, S., Grundeken, V., Janssen, L. A., Dijkstra, N. H., Rodríguez Girondo, M., van Zelst-Stams, W. A. et al. (2018). Performance of BRCA1/2 mutation prediction models in male breast cancer patients. Clinical Genetics, 93(1), 52-59. [More]
  • Li, D., Liang, H.-Y. & Rosalsky, A. (2018). An extension of Feller's strong law of large numbers. Statistics & Probability Letters, 132, 83-90. [More]
  • Rivas-Martínez, G. & Jiménez Gamero, M. D. (2018). Computationally Efficient Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Error Distribution in Nonparametric Regression. Revstat-Statistical Journal, 16(1), 137-166. [More]
  • Shen, Y. & Liang, H.-Y. (2018). Quantile regression for partially linear varying-coefficient model with censoring indicators missing at random. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 117, 1-18. [More]
  • Martínez Camblor, P. & Pardo Fernández, J. C. (2018). Parametric estimates for the receiver operating characteristic curve generalization for non-monotone relationships. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, In Press. [More]
  • Escanciano, J., Pardo Fernández, J. C. & Van-Keilegom, I. (2018). Asymptotic distribution-free tests for semiparametric regressions with dependent data. Annals of Statistics, 46(3), 1167-1196. [More]
  • Suárez, D. M. & Sánchez Rodríguez, M. E. (2018). Diferencias funcionales entre trabajadores de astilleros expuestos al amianto del noroeste de la península ibérica. Patología Respiratoria, 21(1), 11-16. [More] [Digital version]
  • Suárez, D. M. & Sánchez Rodríguez, M. E. (2018). Conocimiento sobre radioprotección en radiólogos del noroeste de España. Radiation protection knowledge among radiologists in northwest Spain. Radiología, En imprenta(RX-D-17-00). [More] [Digital version]
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